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Dalton Salek

Business Technology Operations Manager

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Relative Work History

FL45 llc, | CC Restaurants | Shift Manager | 2 Years

Lead day to day restaurant operations.
Lead a nightly team to prepare for next day.
Conduct trainings and lead team educations.
Manage inventory and restaurant assets.
Oversee scheduling of team and teams projects.

FLDOE | Public Government | Distributed Computer Systems Specialist | 2 Years

Manage inventory of distributed devices and assets(icl. Users).
Support business software and technical operations.
Conduct User trainings and environment surveys.
Upkeep IT infrastructure and LAN operations.

BEI | Technology IT | Field Support Specialist | 4 Years

Support field agents and their daily operations.
Install/Support software including applications and OS.
Run physical infrastructure like copper STP wire.
Install/Support Hardware and hardware deployments.
Use analysis to spec. Out system upgrades.

SSKT llc, | Healthcare Medical Care Facilities | Director Of Information Technology | 1+ Years

Conduct End-User Trainings.
Manage entire Technology Deployments.
Design Cloud Security Application and Policy.
Perform and form Audit checks.
Engineer new IT Infrastructure .
Manage Users and Teams.
Manage MDM for iPhones and tablets.
Create and update user policy.

Education Institutions

Estero High School | Honored Diploma | 4 Years

Learned web development.
Learned tooling and machining CAD/CAM/CNC.
Led class projects and managed teams.

Lorenzo Walker Technical College | 100+ Hour Diploma | 2 Years | Computer Networking and Information Technology

Learned VLANs and VPNs.
Computer control and command.
Advanced cisco routing and switching.
Software/Hardware deployment.
Windows Server.
Microsoft Azure and Intune.

Education Certifications

CompTIA Network+

Network Engineering• Execute• Switching/Routing• Analyze• Security• Troubleshooting• VLAN

CompTIA A+

Hardware• Networking• Hardware & Network Troubleshooting•Mobile Devices• Software Troubleshooting• Operating Systems• Virtualization & Cloud computing• Security• Operational Procedures


Network Engineering• Switching/Routing• Cloud Computing• Virtual machines• VLAN• VPN• Troubleshooting• Hardware/Software• Security and Policy• Authentication

TestOut PC Pro

Business Computer Technology Operations• Endpoint Security• Document preparation• Team management• Asset/Inventory management• Accounting and Budgeting• Time management

Adobe CS6

Working in the Design Industry• Project Setup and Interface• Organizing Documents• Creating and Modifying Visual Elements• Publishing Digital Media

ANSI SS Manager

Handling safety• Team management• Team safety• Time management• Money handling• Inventory management• Safety Auditing

Experienced Skills


I have designed ground up infrastructure to improve business operations. Using methodical practices to find and eliminate bottlenecks in operational and security procedures.


I have used measuring tools to collect data and aggregate that data into useful information for forming plans or measuring successes of a plan. Using step by step Audit programs to ensure integrity of collected data.

Team Building

I have created environments used to build team trust and cooperation in doing so increased efficiency of projects or practices. Enabling teamwork to combine brain power I was able to produce measurably better results.


I have used multiple communication vectors to share important information like project status and security alerts to other teams and or stakeholders. I have taken technically gargon data points and aggregated useful information into charts and graphs to more easily share technical details.


I have used machines and tools to build or destruct various types of components. I have used 3D Design software such as CAD to engineer and design new parts and developed manufacturing processes for those parts.


I have worked and operated business technology for both Private and Public sectors. Knowing specialized practices for the respective sectors like HIPAA reg. and Data Retention Laws.


I have formed plans and practices to maintain integrity of businesses. Then I have performed audit checks to verify the institution is aligned with the integral practices.

Project Wrap Sheet

2015 Rosetta Stone Lab | $5,000 | BEI | Implementation Engineer

Use my advanced knowledge of end-user-computing to design system specifications and deploy software based learning applications. Provide Level 2 system support for field support technicians. Using my skills I was able to cheaply complete all dependencies.

2018 FireWalls | $3,000 | Collier County Public Schools | Security Architect

Use my knowledge in layer 2/3 networking to design a security architecture for hardware dependent firewall security systems doing so I achieved network based security.

2020 Cisco Switching | $20,000 | FLDOE | Network Engineer

Use my knowledge of Cisco Switching to Deploy Cisco POE Switches. The manner I took to deploy the switches increased the stability and Quality of VOIP calls. I was also able to develop the network to a point where it would be able to handle Gigabit Wifi.

2021 Unified Network Infrastructure | $9,000 | SSKT | Lead Infrastructure Engineer

Gathered network analytics to lead the roll out of upgraded networking infrastructure if determined needed by expected growth and current usage for HeadQuarters and Satellite office locations throughout the state of Florida. Unifying the network by using Site-2-Site VPNs and SSH remote administration over SSL.

2021 GoogleWS Update | $4,200 | SSKT | Directory Architect

Take the existing directory and import it to google. Then redesign the structure to better fit newly configured policy(Company Structure) and physical changes(Office Locations). Doing so I increased IT's dept. explicit access over device and increased security of the organization overall.

2022 Wifi 6+ | $12,000 | SSKT | Network Engineer

Use the unified network update to implement wifi 6 throughout the different office locations. Ultimately I stabilized the wifi networks and increased the range of wifi signals. Running CAT6a Plenum Rated STP copper wire and Ubiquiti Access Points following my comprehensive architecture.

Client/Customer Feedback

(Data and excerpts were collected from multiple sources including End-User Training feedback surveys, IT Environment surveys most of which were conducted/hosted by me. Names are omitted for writers to stay anonymous. All Feedback from non-technical End-Users)

“Dalton was great. He has made himself available during this new transition period. Very grateful for him.”

“The training for Outlook was valuable information for me.”

“Dalton was an excellent trainer and very helpful and communicative. I feel very comfortable seeking his help in the future if I have any questions.”

“Dalton really helped explain how to use Outlook, RIMS, People First, Microsoft Teams and the Communicator.”

“I learned new information that will help with my job performance, efficiency and organization.”

“Dalton did a great job with the training. His calm demeanor and wealth of knowledge is very helpful."

“Dalton was able to show us many tips to better organize our work, especially inside of Outlook.”

“Dalton is knowledgeable and very easy to work with/approachable.”

“Dalton was very knowledgeable and kept us engaged.”

Personal Statements

Mission Statement

To continually grow in experience and education whilst advocating for freedom and equal opportunities. Using my knowledge to lead businesses and institutions on a path of advancement and success in their fields. Producing results for the good of the globe and humanity in both public and private ventures.

Vision Statement

I see a world where everything is interconnected. Where communication is daily life and people can work together for the common goal of life. This will be achieved by global education in STEM and, The humanly want to be better.